Worshiper of What

what do you worshipYou, my friend, are a worshiper. It is possible that you have never thought of yourself this way. It is also possible that if you do not believe in God you may be adamantly denying any chance of you being a worshiper. You may not consider yourself a worshipping kind of person, but the reality is we all worship something.

Worship is our natural response to what we value most in our lives. What we value is expressed by what we put first in our lives. Because worship tells us what we value most; as a result, our worship determines our actions that drive everything we do.

So how do you know what you worship? I am glad you asked. It is really simple to see what it is that you worship all you have to do is follow the path of your time, your affection, your energy, your money, and your loyalty. When you come to the end of that path you will find a throne; and whatever, or whomever, it is you find on that throne is what is of the highest value to you. What you discover on that throne is what you worship.

Examples of some of the things people worship would be: success, your spouse, your children, your pets, your house, your car, your money, your status, your power, gods, God, your addiction. The list really has no end to what a person can place on their life’s throne. It is very possible that you have pinpointed the thing you worship in your life, and you are thinking to yourself, “I am not sure where he is going with this because what I am worshipping is not a bad thing.” You would be correct in your thinking however, I would propose this question to you. If what you worship is a good thing; such as your children or family, do those good things also translate into the right thing. I submit to you that it is more important to have the right thing on your worship throne than merely things we would classify as good. Worshiper, what do you worship?

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