What a Sink Faucet Taught Me

sink faucetThis last week I had the privilege to attend a conference in Orlando, Florida. As a personal level and as a leader I believe it is important to always be learning from others, which means I have to remain teachable. One of the most powerful moments for me at this conference took place in the most unlikely of places; the restroom. Now, I know this just got really weird so please give me a minute to explain.

I had finishing doing what people go to the restroom to do and I walked up to the sink to wash my hands. As I walked toward the sink I witnessed this man intently looking all around the sink. I later discovered he was from Nairobi, Kenya. He bent down and looked under the sink. He checked all around the faucet for something to be able to turn on the water. Did I mention that this conference was at a large church that had recently been renovated? After a few seconds of this man’s hot pursuit of turning on the water faucet I leaned over and told him it was automatic. He began looking all over for the place to put his hands and before long I was witnessing what looked like some form of African dance as he waved his hands and arms all over the place. This man was determined to get this faucet to work, and thankfully he was not leaving until he did.

I had finished washing my hands by this point so I went over to his sink and put my hands palm side up under the faucet; to which the water began to come out. The Kenyan man just looked at me, flashed me a big smile, and then said the words that changed this whole experience for me. He said, “Ah, put out your hands and receive the water.”

Why was this so profound? Because the same line of thinking applies to us and God. We approach God wanting something, needing something from Him and when we do not get it as quickly as we want or need it is not long before we are dancing around in frustration. I have come to realize that part of this is due to us not having our hands in the right place. We come to God with are hands in a fist or not even extended at all. In order for the living water to flow we have to put out our hands—palms up—to receive the water. My question for you is this; what is the position of your hands?

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