Invest & Invite

We believe God uses relatioinvest & invite 350x200nships to change each of us for the better, and the reality is that we don’t experience relationships when we’re sitting in rows. Learning together is an important first step, but it’s not the only step. When you’re fully involved in the life of a church, God uses other people to help you grow, and he uses you to help grow other people.

Jesus doesn’t want the church to be an exclusive club. He wants everyone to know him and follow him. So we think it’s vital that as we become fully engaged in church, we invest in unchurched people in our lives. That doesn’t mean that we treat them as projects. It means that we genuinely care about them, get to know what’s happening in their lives, and, when the time is right, invite them to take an appropriate next step toward Jesus.

Have you felt that God has made a difference in your life? Don’t keep it in. Give it away. We’re called to share God’s love and message with people around us. A way to do that is a process called invest & invite. Invest in people far from God, in order to invite them to church, in order to invite them into a relationship with God. We aren’t trying to make “converts”. We believe God & His ways can help us experience our best life and we want people to experience the same thing. So don’t be weird, just be yourself. Don’t be pushy, just share your experience. Respect people and the process. Pray and ask God to help you see opportunities to share his love and message through our words and actions.

Invite someone to join you some Sunday for worship or a life group during the week. Statistic show it takes at least seven invites for someone to show up. If they come, follow up. Take them to lunch after church or ask them what they thought later in the week. Share your thoughts too. Look for opportunities to invite them to explore God more and maybe begin a relationship with Him.

How has God changed your life? What does following Jesus mean for your life? How have you experienced God? Think about it. Write it out. Be prepared to share it.

Below are a few ideas to help you build relationships in our community.

We all eat three meals a day. Why not make a habit of sharing one of those meals with someone who doesn’t know God? Go to lunch with a co-worker, not by yourself. Invite the neighbors over for family dinner. If it’s too much work to cook a big dinner, just order pizza and put the focus on conversation. When you go out for a meal or have a cookout, invite someone to join you.

Instead of hopping all over the city for gas, groceries, haircuts, eating out, and coffee, go to the same places at the same times. Get to know the staff. Smile. Ask questions. Be a regular. Build relationships. Support local business. Be a regular.

Hunt? Creative Memories? Watch Football? Get out and do something you enjoy with others. Try city league sports. Share your hobby by hosting a party or teaching lessons, such as sewing, piano, knitting, or tennis lessons. Be prayerful. Be intentional. Have fun. Be yourself.

How hard is that? Take your breaks with intentionality. Go out with your team or task force after work. Be interested in your co-workers. Pick four and pray for them. Form a moms’ group in your neighborhood and don’t make them exclusively Christian. Schedule play dates with the neighbors’ kids. Work on mission.

Find a non-profit in your part of the city and take a Saturday a month to serve your city. Bring your neighbors, your friends, or your small group. Spend time as a church serving our community.

Help a neighbor by weeding, mowing, or shoveling snow.  Move the chairs from the back yard to the front porch. Walk around your neighbor – it’s good for you & you might meet new friends. Host a cookout or block party. Be a neighbor and make a difference in the lives right around you. Ask your neighbors periodically if there is anything you can pray for them for.  Just DON’T use this information to gossip!