Helping Children This Christmas

promise-prayer-cordsI love watching God work through people to impact the lives of other people. It is a greater feeling when you can look back and see how God was weaving all the pieces together. I was excited about the message I was giving the first Sunday of November, because we were celebrating 134 years of ministry in the community, and I was going to be introducing a new 5-10 year vision for the church. The new vision for Trinity Church has a very strong emphasis on serving the community. I made a comment during my message that we need to stop complaining about the problems in our community if we are not willing to be the solution, because if we are not willing to be the solution then all we are doing is complaining to complain. Unfortunately, “church people” can be really good at complaining for no other reason than to share our opinions. However, that is not what Jesus modeled for us during his time here on earth. Jesus came to earth to be the ultimate solution to humanity’s sin problem. As I was giving the message that day what I did not know was that the Taylor University students who had joined us for worship that day came ready to be part of a solution.

Two weeks ago, Mallory, a young Taylor University student went to her classroom at Southside Elementary School in Hartford City to observe the teacher. When she woke up that morning what she did not realize was that God was going to ask her to take on something larger than she was. God was going to open her eyes to see things a little differently. As she went into the class that day a new student, who did not know her, ran up to her and gave her a big hug as he exuberantly showed her the new shoes his mommy had bought him. She was a little surprised when she looked down and saw the small child wearing an old pair of baseball cleats. She later discovered that this child and his family were homeless and living in their car. In that moment God placed a holy discontent within the heart of this college student to help children like this small boy this Christmas season.

Mallory, was so moved by God to do this she called together a few of her college friends and told them about what she felt like God was asking her to do. Together they came up with an idea, got approval from Taylor University, got approval from Southside Elementary, sent out waivers for parents to sign, talked to with me to see if Trinity Church would partner with them, created a website, and purchased the supplies on their own dime. They did all this in less than 72 hours! A week later a group of Taylor students worked over four hours making over 3,400 Promise Prayer Cords.

Trinity Church has partnered up with Taylor University and Southside Elementary to help children in need of necessities this Christmas season. We are seeking to purchase hats, coats, gloves, shoes and other necessitates for children in economic distress. In order to raise the money needed to purchase this clothing we are selling what we are calling Promise Prayer Cords.

Promise Prayer Cords are bracelets that have two beads: a red bead that represents children in need at Southside Elementary School in Hartford City and a purple bead that represents students at Taylor University. When someone purchases a Promise Prayer Cord, they are promising to pray for both students of Southside Elementary School and students at Taylor University. All of the proceeds from Promise Prayer Cords will go directly to purchasing necessities for children in need at Southside Elementary School.

Will you consider partnering with us this Christmas season to help the children of Southside Elementary by showing them God’s love and that we care about them? The Promise Prayer Cords can be purchased on a donation basis with a suggested donation of at least $2.00. You can get your Promise Prayer Cords at: Southside Elementary School (see Tricia Blakely);1515 S Monroe St, Hartford City or Trinity Church, 303 North Walnut Street, Hartford City (765-348-0404) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

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