Getting Back To United

Last week we looked at how disunity is denigrating humanity and destroying our country. We have become a people who put values on others based on their skin color, economic status, sexual orientation, past failures, education level, and many other ridiculous things. We have sadly forgotten we do not get to place value on people like this, because frankly in the grand scheme of things the values we put on people do not matter. There is only one person who gets to place value on a person and that is God, our Creator. God says, every human who has ever lived and will ever walk this earth are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are all beautiful. God does not make mistakes. You are precious in His sight.

In response to last week’s article someone emailed me saying they agreed with what I said, but “wondered how we would ever get back to being united.” I find myself wondering the same thing and one of the first things God reminds me of is that things have to be put in the proper perspective. Our natural tendency is to look at the size of the problem, which right away becomes to big and unfathomable. To put the question of “how would we ever get back to being united” into proper perspective beings with realizing that it is not a matter of “we.” For a transformation of this magnitude to happen it has to be a matter that begins with “I.” The reality is we cannot control other people; however, you can control yourself.

It does not matter who the President of the United States is. It does not matter if the police where you live are corrupt or not. It does not matter how high the high school dropout rate is. It does not matter how high the crime rate is or how many people are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It does not matter how high the unemployment rate is due to local businesses leaving the area. These excuses that we like to throw out there hold no weight when we understand what matters is how “I” choose to live. These excuses should never influence or control the choices we make or how we choose to treat others.

So what can we do on a personal level that will unite us again? Here is what I tell the people in my church. Take out your Bible and turn to Mark 12:30-31, rip that page out of your Bible, put the rest of the Bible aside, memorize that scripture, pray that scripture, live your life based on that scripture, and when you have mastered that scripture then go back to the Bible and work on the rest.

Getting back to being united again starts with people living their life based on Jesus’ Great Commandment, which is “Love God, Love Others.” Sounds easy right? Yeah, not so much!

Next week we will look at some tangible ways to bring the kingdom of God to America and make our country united again.

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