Death By Disunity

I am not a fan of politics in government or any other setting, but I am not very encouraged by the current political situation in our country. For example, police officers around the country are being targeted and killed yet the biggest headlines this week concerned Melania Trump’s inability to use her own words. I personally am tired—no, I am being to nice—I hate this whole “black lives matter,” “police lives matter,” “white lives matter,” “homosexual lives matter,” or any other diversifying words we want to use. These statements only cause division by insinuating that other lives do not matter. These statements only elevate one life above another. What our country needs to be proclaiming from the rooftops is that all lives matter regardless of any characteristics that diversify us as humans.

The change that is needed in our country is not going to come from legislation or politicians. Of all the promises that were made and the open ended rhetoric; the most powerful and truthful words spoken at this week’s Republican National Convention and as far as I am concerned the whole presidential race, did not come from a man with a political agenda but rather a man who courageously fought for our country doing things few would do and going places very few people would go. Marcus Luttrell, the decorated Navy Seal, whose story is told in the film Lone Survivor went off script diverting from the teleprompter speaking from his heart said this: “The only way we survive this is together, not apart. The only way for life to matter is if every life matters.”

It was not by accident that our country’s founding fathers gave us the name, “United” States of America. However, “united” is not exactly what we can call ourselves as a nation. For our country to be great again. For America to be the country that all others look to with respect and intrigue we must seek unity amidst the things that make us uniquely diverse. Jesus did not give his life for people because of their skin color, their sexual orientation, or their occupation. Jesus did not give his life for people because they are rich, do not struggle with addiction or mental illness, or have a clean criminal record. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of ALL people, so that ALL people could have life.

One of the major diseases in churches I have worked with and studied is the disunity among the people. When the people lose sight of God and begin caring more about their personal preferences and opinions the result is disunity, which if not fixed leads to the death of the church. When we look through the history of the world we see that this is the same for the nations as well. The same is true for America. Disunity will be the death of America if we do not realize that every life matters and that America will only be great again when we become united.

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