cravingsThere is a great tragedy that has over taken humanity and sadly we go through life not understanding that the very answer to this tragedy lies within the deepest part of our being. This great tragedy of which I speak of is the unsatisfied cravings of our soul.

These soul cravings, as I like to call them, are our deepest self’s way of seeking connection with God. In Genesis 1:27, we find a powerful overlooked truth that all of humanity are created in the image of God our Creator. Whether you are a devoted follower of Jesus Christ or a person who cares nothing about God there is no escaping your intrinsic connection to the One who created you in the depths of your mother’s womb.

Our soul craves connection to our Creator, which is made evident in what we naturally desire. Before I give you examples of some of the things our soul craves I want to stop you from being too quick to say, “No I do not desire that.” If you are honest with yourself and stop caring about your ego I think you will find these things to be pretty accurate. We naturally have a desire within us to be loved, to love others, to be accepted and connected to others, to be valued by others, to have a sense of belonging, and to feel like our life has meaning and purpose. All of these things stem from our soul longing for connection with God. If you do not believe me read through the Bible some time, and you will see that from Genesis to Revelation God is seeking an intimate personal relationship with humanity. From the moment sin entered humanity (Genesis 3) God put His plan into place to reconcile humanity back to Himself, which He would ultimately make possible through His Son, Jesus. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection did not remove sin from the world, it does however reveal Jesus’ power over sin. Your soul’s Creator designed you to be connected with Him, and when we are not connected life tends to spiral out of control. When we disconnect life from the One who gives and sustains life we find ourselves trying to quench the thirst of our soul with things that do not sustain the life Jesus desires for us to have (John 10:10).

When we look at our world today we see increased amounts people struggling with addictions, more children being raised in split homes—if the father is present at all—, racial tensions escalating to extremes, and people killing others for their “cause.” With the rise of the social media empire people are more connected around the world then ever before; however, is it really all that social when people struggling with depression and loneliness has only increased? I am sure you can add more to this list, but what do all of these things have in common? These images of humanity today stem from people seeking to satisfy the cravings of their soul with everything but what their soul actually desires. Your soul ultimately cries out to be connected with the One who gives it life, and there is nothing in the world that will fill your soul’s cravings except intimacy with God.

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