A Better Life

“Please, Lord, look after me and my family. Please help me to do the right thing and to show people that I am not a bad person inside or out and help me Lord to get through this disappointment again and know I make mistakes but who doesn’t. I don’t do it to do wrong. I do it cuz I feel I have no other choice. I want a better life, Lord, I do. Please help me. Do to me as what you feel is best. I surrender to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” ~ Brianna’s prayer



What It's All About

Battling Addiction?

We want to be the “other choice,” an opportunity for “a better life.” It is our goal to help you battle against addiction. Our approach is participant driven, faith-based and compassion filled. We offer a judgment free, safe zone where you can be honest and transparent and will not be condemned for doing so. Understand that the others that attend can relate to where you are coming from and how hard it is to climb out of the hole you have found yourself in. These fellow strugglers will soon become your friends and family.

Our door is open, you need only walk through it. Whether we are your first choice or your last hope, we believe we can make difference in your life.

Together as a recovery group, Team Hope and a community that cares, we are offering a chance to those that thought there was none. Thus we are seeing hope becoming a reality. Because of the effort being made by so many we are seeing an incredible ripple affect. We are witnessing lives being transformed, families coming together, parents are getting their children back, certain legal charges are being dropped or delayed, employment is being found, children are doing better in school and communities are undergoing positive change.

\”A Better Life – Brianna\’s Hope\” is here to offer support, understanding and love to those that may be struggling to see tomorrow . Using a non-judgmental approach we are shining a light into the darkness, God\’s light.

We are also providing hope for those who have felt like they had none. Through a compassion based approach we will offer \”another choice.\”

Struggling with addiction? Want a better life? Here is your opportunity. Give us a chance and we will prove we care about you more than we care about your addiction.

We BELIEVE and want you to BELIEVE with us.

How It All Began

This effort was birthed on June 16, 2014 when Brianna DiBattiste was announced as missing. Over the next 10 weeks I walked closely with the family as they dealt with this horrific tragedy. Then on September 1st her remains were found near the Jay County Conservation Club. Once the DNA proved it was indeed Brianna, a \”Celebration of Life Service\” was held on October 4, 2014. I was privileged to lead that service.

Though the family continued to keep their hope they also knew how things might end, and unfortunately their worst of thoughts became fact.

Brianna was a beautiful young lady inside and out. Out of her unconditional love and concern for others she rescued more than one person. However, like you and me she wasn\’t perfect. She spent a big part of her life battling against addiction. In the end it was heroin that took charge of her life and sucked her into a dark hole that left her with little hope. But none of that made her of any less value or worth. Brianna mattered,she made a difference and she impacted many lives.


Anonymous: I am in my mid-twenties and am now 9 1/2 months clean after battling addiction for 13 years. I couldn’t have done it without ABLBH. They are now my family and biggest supporters. They truly understand my struggle and are there when I need them both day and night. They are what helps me stay clean.

Anonymous: After 17 years of meth and an additional 5 years of heroin, I will soon be 8 months clean. This faith-based recovery group has brought much needed joy, acceptance and courage to my life. I get excited for Wednesday evening meetings. Together we are seeing lives changed as we inspire and encourage each other. God is doing amazing things through these meetings.

Anonymous: After 13 years of struggling I am now 85 days clean. I owe much of that to the love, help and hope that is offered through ABLBH. I need people who have been where I have been and understand. The stories of others in our group inspire me and remind me it can be done. BELIEVE!!

Anonymous: I have been clean for over 30 years but after one night of attending ABLBH I realized there was much in my life that I had not dealt with. I am not facing my dark side and am letting God shine His light in me and through me. The other Victory Reports that have been shared have given me the courage to share mine.

Anonymous: I have attended many other recovery group meetings but have never been to one that offer what this one offers.

Anonymous: All week long I look forward to the Wednesday evening meeting. I go home with a good high and can’t settle down to go to sleep.

Anonymous: Without this group I would be dead or in jail.

Anonymous: ABLBH has been one of the few positive influences in my life.

Anonymous: If it wasn’t for ABLBH I wouldn’t have my children back or my legal charges placed on hold.


Mondays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Trinity Church
303 North Walnut Street
Hartford City, IN 47348

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Daleville Lions Building
8520 S. Edwards Street
Daleville, IN 47334

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Redkey United Methodist Church
122 W. Main Street
Redkey, IN 47373

Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Tabernacle of Praise
2200 E. Fuson Road
Muncie, IN 47302


If your club, group, organization, church, etc. would like a guest speaker please contact Randy Davis at 765-730-4979 or randy.davis@inumc.org.

All donations go to meet general expenses, reimbursement mileage for those driving strugglers to an appointment, clinic or detox/rehab costs, medical needs, reimburse guest speakers, and for purchasing Bibles, etc.

Because of your generosity, we have been able to cover the cost for more then 72 strugglers to go to a detox/rehab as well as 12 more to residential therapy. We have also been able to help 4 strugglers get into transitional housing.

We have helped some pay for their doctor appointments and medications. We have financially assisted some who have gotten jobs and didn’t have the fuel to get there or the proper work attire. Some simply need gas money to attend our meetings. The list goes on.

Anything and everything you give will go 100% to help these addicts, strugglers and overcomers stay on their journey to recovery.

Understand that someone that has been “dirty” for years knew now to manipulate the system and the rest of us in order to feed their addiction. Now understand that when someone is serious about getting clean they don’t always have the resources to do so and they refuse to fall back into their old behaviors. This is one of the areas where “A Better Life—Brianna’s Hope” differs from any other recovery program. We need your help if we are going to help others.

If you would like to donate, please make your check out to : “A Better Life” and mail to: Redkey UM Church; PO BOX 545; Redkey, IN 47373