A New Direction

The last few articles I have shared with you I told you the story of Joe and how God used Joe’s story to open my eyes to the kind of transformation that happens in a person who has been in the presence of Jesus. I am a firm believer that a lesson taught is not a lesson learned until there is action behind it. I want to tell you about how we feel God is directing us, Trinity Church, as a local church community in Hartford City.

The mission of Trinity Church is to connect people to Jesus by reviving faith, restoring hope, and revealing love in the community. If I could summarize the foundation of what we believe God is calling us as a church to do in our community to an even deeper level it would be; to pursue transformation not conversion. When we pursue conversion the building where the church gathers on Sunday morning is what becomes the church to the community. However, when we pursue transformation in all aspects of a person’s life God’s people are viewed as the church—which for the record is the correct view of the word church—and the building becomes an avenue or tool to be used to seek to transform lives.

The location of Trinity Church’s building is 303 North Walnut and we desire this to be the place where our Jesus community gathers together for worship and a place that is used for the betterment of our community. We are only in the beginning stages of this and we know there is much more work to be done, but I want to tell you the things we have done to move in this new direction.

On Monday evenings we host an addiction recovery group called “A Better Life: Brianna’s Hope and we are witnessing God transform lives in some pretty awesome ways. We host the local boy scout troop on Tuesday evenings. We have had a yoga class that met in our community room. We offer a free community meal to anyone who wants a good meal on Sunday evenings during the school year. We have partnered with the Little Red Door Cancer Services organization and Open Door Health Services in housing their non-profit offices in our building. This is only the beginning of what we have planned for using our building to serve our community.

We are not content going to church and living for Sunday mornings. We want to BE the church that cares and serves others and lives for individuals, because all people matter. Jesus never tells us to go to church, because we are the church. People do not exist for the church. The Church exists for people. It is time for church leaders to stop caring about the number of butts in seats and bills in the plates, because those things do not transform lives and quit frankly Jesus never intended for those things to transform lives either. Jesus chose the Church (i.e. His followers) to BE the church, to point people to Him and be the tools through which He can transform lives.

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